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Hit Active stall


Prins Courtyard uses group shelters, the hit Active stall.

Important advantages of group stabling the horses that are better used to being with other horses, which is a convenience on race. Due to the constant movement they have their basic fitness will be better, and they exhibit less unwanted behavior because they have a lot of social contact and movement.


Disadvantages are that you need quite a lot of room for your horses and easier to be damaged, such as teething spots.

An example of a group of storage is the Active Hit stable.

A Hit Active stall is a movement stable where horses in the group can move many, many outside, many social contact and spread throughout the day can eat small portions of food.

How does it work;

The horses walk out in a group. They may also be in an interior space as they wish. There are also boxes for horses put aside and to introduce new portions of horses in the group. The difference between a movement stable and traditional group storage is that there is more movement is possible, which is also stimulated by food and water to provide at different locations. The horses are always outside, unless they choose to take shelter in the interior or resting. There is a lot of social contact as possible, but they can also escape from each other as needed.


Many Hit Active stables using 'roughage stations' and one or more' concentrate feeders.

On the premises more than 'roughage stations' and one or more' concentrate feeders. The recognition of the horses is based microchips in the neck. In feeding stations, the horses are identified by the chip and access multiple servings roughage and concentrates, specially adapted to the horse. The stations are the horses in a kind of walk-through mode. They are given a certain time in the station which they can eat, if their time is up, they can again walk out of the station. The horses are not so rushed while eating. The part where the feeding stations are wholly or partially hardened.


Prins Courtyard does not use these drives.

When Prins Courtyard getting fed every 2 hours personally roughage and concentrates, tailored for each horse.

Here is as varied as possible, and as much as possible use of natural food sources.


So chalk every horse just the right amount and the right sublumenten inside.

One horse needs more than the other.


Furthermore, there would have to be offered different surfaces such as sand and soft bedding. In an ideal situation, there is a horse about 100 square meters of land available.


When Prins Courtyard the horses on shells mixed with sand, rubber mats and grass.

In the summer months the stallions standing on grass during the day, and in the winter months get there two hours a day they walked on the embankment (= dry) on grass.


Benefits Hit active stable

Many social contact which has many advantages in dealing with your horse and race

Lots of movement, which makes for a good basic fitness and is good for the stomach, intestines and musculoskeletal

The shorter the time between meals, there is less risk of stomach ulcers and inflammation

Your horse is bored slower and slower developing stable vices

It is very good for a horse to live in the fresh air

Lots of natural light

You can adjust the amount of feed entirely on the horse


Disadvantages Hit active stall

Risk (minor) injuries

Some horses feel less comfortable in a group, so they can not get enough rest.

When Prince Courtyard is this is NOT the case, always get an eye kept on things to avoid this, if a horse is not pleasant voeldt, get here taken similar action.

Horses lower in the order must wait their turn at the feeding stations, which can lead to stress


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