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Prins Courtyard



American miniature Stallions





We focus on offering of the ultimate luxury and contemporary miniature horses. 

We hope to breed, with you as a breeder,  the Luxury mini horse that is healthy and because of the functional conformation, attitude and ability, which is a serious prospect to a successful career in international shows / inspections.


We provide warranty. 

If the mare in foal show whether the embryo has lost prematurely, the mare should be breed again, there will be accommodation expenses per mare per day and the breedcertivicate must be complied with.

The residence of the mare is for the first three weeks of re-breeding € 20, - per week, three weeks after this money the amount of € 5, - per day.

This re-breeding is only valid for the year following the first mating. 

This warranty expires when selling the mare.


Offered mares must be in good health, kept for a minimum of three years old and in possession of a valid passport.

We ask for a copy of the passport for the breeding certificate and for our records. 

The breedings certificate be issued upon payment of the stud fee, this should be done before the mare leaves the courtyard. 

The stud fee includes 3 weeks stay of the mare and her foal with any provision of concentrates, grazing and stabling. 

The above costs are excluding possible veterinary support. 

After 3 weeks after the mare has been placed, the costs are 5 euros per day. 

The property is at your own risk and we accept no liability. 

We treat your mare (and foal) with care! 

We reserve the right to turn a veterinarian sudden illness or accident of a host horse; any costs shall be borne by the owner. 

The owner will be informed of this as soon as possible. 

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