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Our kittens grow up in our house between ourselves and the other Bengal cats.
We give our Bengals much love, attention and treatment with the utmost care
As a result, the kittens grow into social, affectionate, stable and confident kittens.

The kittens be visit from a age of 5 to 6 weeks and can only go to their new home with a minimum of 14-15 weeks old

Joy x Troy

Girl " Cloë "  

born 11 April 2018

3 days old
3 days old
3 days old
20 hours old
20 hours old
20 hours old
20 hours old
Silver Harper x Angel

3 boys, 2 silver, 1 brown

"Prins Sid, Jerry & Icarus "

born 17 august 2018

Joy x Angel

1 brown Gril " Prins Pippi" 

born 12 December 2018

Tiffany x Angel

1 brown Boy

born 13 Februari 2019

"Prins Olaf Dali"

Keeper as castreted pet

Silver Harper x Angel

2 Silver Boys "Prins Quinto & Mr. Silva"

1 brown Girl "Prins Nicky"" (keeper)

born 11 April 2019