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Mysterious and insane intelligence



insane intelligence

The Bengal is an mysterious and insane intelligence, active,

self-alive cat who, however, demands attention to people he trusts.

They like to be in high places because they have a highly developed

territorial instinct and want to keep the overview.

They can take good care of them selfs but a Bengal does not like

on ther own, even though you are often home.

Bengals are affectionate, smart and incredibly playful and active.

It is highly recommended to keep at least 2 Bengals because they 

have a unique way of playing and ravotten and 2 bengals are just

daring each other. If you choose not to take 2 Bengals but another

boyfriend, it is recommended that the other animal be as active as

the Bengal.

They can play for hours for a while and sprint through the house and then fall asleep with you or somewhere near you. They would like to pay attention to their bosses, and feel great when you're home

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