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Most people with a cat allergy can keep a Bengal cat.
They say that Bengal cats are hypoallergenic.
The Bengal has a special fur this fur do not to barely harden.
Fur of fur


The Bengal has a very soft coat, which makes thinking of the fur of a wild animal.

The coat consists of medium to short hair and is very typical for the Bengal.

Coat care is not necessary and is even discouraged, the bengal keep themselves well kept clean.

There are 2 types of cat allergies.

1. Allergic to cat hair or the dust that comes from their fur.

2. Allergic to cats saliva

If there is allergy nr. 1 is a bengal for many people a solution,

if there is allergy nr. 2 is  no cat suitable.

This is, of course, individual for every person.

In order to determine whether there is an allergy to play, it is advisable to spend a morning or afternoon in a catery where multiple Bengal cats are present.

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